The Water Dancer/ Landing Page Design

Landing page design for The Water Dancer, a beautiful novel by best selling author, Ta-Nehishi Coates.


One World Books

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After Effects

Wix Editor




This project was completed during my 3-month design residency at Wix Design Playground. Our design team collaborated with One World Books to design and develop engaging marketing landing pages for their books by utilizing Wix Editor, minor coding, and animation. I started the project by reading the book, and conducting market and visual research. I conceptualized the visual ideas for the site; exploring the best way to turn the abstract concept to a visual language that connects with an audience.

Design Concept

Young Hiram Walker lost the memories of his long-gone mother. I inferred that his lost memories are like a puzzle, and seeking all the pieces of the puzzle is his journey. I came up with the concept; the pieces of memories, Using fragments like torn papers as the main elements to represented my design concept. Creating an illustration to depict the scene after they fell from the bridge and drawn to the river, which I inferred it would be a lot of stuff floating above the water.

The Final Result

To highlight the strong visual image at the first fold, I designed the interface to be clean and simple, and created interactivity on the illustration itself by using floating items as the main navigation options, which each of them link to all site sections. The audience can interact with the site and also engage in the story.

What I have learn

It was challenging to find creative ways to represent the book, which already has stunning visual images and typography. Instead of using all their assets to the site, I used a different font and create new illustrations that related to the story and key visual to avoid repetitiveness. I got positive feedback from the publishing about my final result. The content hierarchy is really important as Visual Design, I have learned to defined and organized all content to make it’s effective in terms of marketing.


The Prototype